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Finding Your Physician:

The Checklist

When everyone in your family catches a seasonal sickness, has specific illnesses that require monitoring, or need routine medical attention, you probably need to have a family physician. 



Because a family physician is the link between what we know, what we think we know, and what is. They help us to better understand the processes of identifying and treating any health concerns that might be present and advise us in the proper course of treatment. 

Finding a family physician is a very important process that shouldn't be over-complicated. 

  • Identify your needs

  • Establish your coverage area

  • Create a list of doctors who are under your insurance coverage and who can meet your needs individually and as a family. 


It is very important to make notes of your need-to-know questions and make well-rounded decision in accordance with the answers. 

Common questions that should be addressed are:

  1. Do I have insurance? If so, which doctors accept my insurance?

  2. How many patients does this Doctor see, and is he/she able to add new patients to their rotation?

  3. Does this doctor meet my medical needs?

  4. Is blood work and imaging done in office, or does he/she send patients off site? If off site, is the location covered by insurance as well?

  5. Is this doctor someone who I can depend upon when my family needs them?

Common qualities to look for in a Family Physician:

  • Compassion, along with a sincere understanding of their patients needs

  • Knowledge, not a "know it all", but a well studied, and well rounded physician

  • Resilience, a confident approach to finding fit solutions

  • Love and Passion for their profession

Doing simple research, as well as calling doctor offices directly and making an introductory appointment to meet them in person can answer these questions. Also note that a family doctor should be in a practical location in relation to your home, as the potential for medical emergencies should be considered.

Having a transparent and trustworthy relationship with your family doctor is vital in finding the best medical solutions for you and your family in order to maintain a healthy state of living. Once your choice is made, be willing to take the time to invest in learning how your doctor operates so that he/she can best serve you and your family. They value your relationship as person, not just a patient. 

Remember to address any health related concerns with your family physician before deciding to
"research" symptoms on the internet.

If you or your family member has a health concern, don't hesitate to communicate with your family physician.














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