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If You Live Alone...

Living in this day is not as simple as our many 'societal theories' describe. However, living alone in this day can be even more difficult mentally, spiritually, physically, and emotionally. These four components are in gross the formula to our overall personal health & well- being.


When we are young, we are so dependant on our families and caretakers without even acknowledging it until we grow into a mature age. Life is supposed to be simple. We do not know difficulty until we encounter something that is, difficult. In truth, we do not know certain experiences, until we have experienced them.


How do we stay prepared for difficult experiences before they arrive? Especially for those of us who live alone?

When living alone, many situations can happen in the spur of the moment that can alter our lives forever, thus, we must be knowledgeable and trained of the possible outcomes so that we have the wisdom to act appropriately. 


In single households, what are we susceptible to?


Without self-motivation and proper know-how, we can find ourselves in depressive mental states, malnutrition and poor musculoskeletal physique, disconnect from the world around us, and even emotional distress. When one, or more of these things arrive, we become very susceptible to potential mishaps and accidents. 

As a result, what sort of ill-fated situations could arise?


- As ironic as it may sound, living alone can easily lead to dehydration and malnourishment. One must drink and eat well to stay in top physical and mental form. Vitamin, mineral, and chemical imbalances lead to negative physical and psychological symptoms such as muscle and nerve weakness as well as raised anxiety and stress levels. 


-If we aren't thinking normally, we aren't acting normally. Hence, the delicacy of solo-living. When living alone, make sure to chop food up finely before eating in order to prevent a serious choking scenario. If alone and choking, if possible, one must call or signal emergency services immediately and begin performing self abdominal thrusts right away. (See below)

- Living alone can be mentally taxing because when we are alone, it is when our mental state is most vulnerable. Especially those who already live with anxiety. Being able to exercise routinely, and find trusting groups or communities to be a part of help relieve the repetitive gauntlet of negative thinking. 


- Exercises that can be done at home are yoga routines, deep stretching along with breathing routines, core exercises (planks & leg-lifts), plyometric skip & muscle activation routines, proper-form push-ups, air squats & box jumps (find any sturdy ledge at comfortable height), alternating lunges, and glute bridges. All of these exercises can be found on youtube, or varying trusted fitness sites. 














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