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Why So Chippy?

Palm Oil

Palm oil is a staple ingredient of the following items, all found frequently
throughout modern households.




Vegan Cheese






Ice Cream

What is the point of discussing palm oil, one may ask?

The manufacturing and processing of palm oil is a debatable subject for many health professionals, animal lovers, and environmentalists. How can an organic oil be the common ground between these different groups?

It is interesting to learn, and understand how the human demand (perhaps indirectly) of the product fuels the destruction of rainforests and displacement of animals natural habitat such as the Orangutan.

What the health professionals will argue:

  • Palm oil is high in antioxidants and vitamins such as carotenoids and Vitamin E. These are important components in revitalizing the hair, eyes, and skin. Also, these vitamins and minerals encourage the prevention of stroke and certain cancers.


  • Palm oil is high in triglyceride, a form of fat that the body digests and uses for directly for energy instead of being stored in arteries and organs.


  • Palm oil is good for lowering cholesterol and encouraging a higher rate of metabolism.

What the Environmentalists& Animal Activists will argue:

  • The economic demand for palm oil fuels the deforestation of rain forests and encourages the mass production of palms alike, throwing off the balance of oxygen & CO2. Down the line, this eventually becomes part of an even bigger problem in global warming. 


  • The removal of rainforests physically removes the roots holding together much of the nutrient-rich soil that lies at the base of many rain forests. When the rainy season is in full swing, much of the valuable soil is dissolved into smaller particles and eroded away by the heavy rains.


  • Species such as the Orangutan are being separated, and dying off as a direct cause to their natural environment being destroyed. In 1990 an estimated count of around 315,000 Orangutans were found to exist. Today that number is arguably around 50,000, or even less. 

What's so important?


Palm oil has its benefits, but it is certain that the negatives are outweighing the positives!


The more complete knowledge of certain mass-produced products, such as palm oil, create awareness of it's production effects on the environment. We support, and lead a worldview of thinking consciously before consuming. And when we do consume, it is most important to ask ourselves how can we do it in a economic and environmental friendly manner?


We are a part of a system that is much bigger than us, and playing our part is to help keep the natural, self-sustaining system in balance. 














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