"I am living in a world I did not create". How does one achieve individual wants and desires with the wants and desires of billions others? Sacrifice. 

What is the definition of true Human Connection?
Is it the exchange of goods and services mediated by a neutral form of currency? 

Perhaps it is more interesting to inquire behind the motivation of work, deeds done, and deeds received. 

Is Language an honest and just form of communication between humans? Is it often what one wishes to say is interpreted exactly by another as the speaker had hoped? How often do you think successful communication exists, only to discover the message was completely misinterpreted shortly afterward?

What about influence? How is influence directly related to entertainment? Is watching a simple music video that has a catchy rhythm and good melody of sounds ok for humans, when the images and visual messages do not correlate with the emotions triggered by the sounds? The dilemna? Emotional confusion and individual instability. When we are so often on the habitual routine of being entertained we trigger emotional and mental responses. When we get away from these entertainment sources and these similar innocent at origin sounds are encountered naturally, how is it that they trigger violent and unprecedented behavior?

Give it all up. Are we willing to sacrifice what makes us feel important, to realize that with no clothes, no jewelry, no house, no car, no food, no water, no support, we would all want the same thing - to live to see better days. We would have to work together and sacrifice for one another or we would have to fight to be the strongest to eliminate any threath that might lead to our demise, including our own. Savage. 

The outline for success is not given freely, only at a cost. Are we willing to sacrifice our own wants and needs for the betterment of another human being? It is when peace becomes a desire, that the will to sacrifice becomes a habit. 

How easy can Humans be tricked? Very easily. To actually believe marketing of mass controlled product gives you "freedom" and "power" is hilarious, but yet sad at the same time. Building fences layered with mirrors around the natural resoursec that once supplied a world, and forcing you to dance before you get your share is ridiculous. Is language an honest form of communication? How many different moving parts make one big part? The human nature to compete has been conditioned since a young age and it is this that is breaking the human identity. Humans are now called Hurt men. We are all in pain, and we are all trying to make it better some way whether it is work, or following the guidance of another who's achieved "success" or forcing our way to the prize. We will never know and understand what one is going through unless we live and experience their life through their own eyes. But guess what, we now shame people for sharing their stories, and any one hint of "wrong doing" doesn't go without being punished. But where were the "punishers" when the people were struggling, where were they when the people were learning, where were they when the people were fighting for survival. 

The WAY to create balance is to retrace our steps and give back what was wrongfully taken. Who has the humility to do that? Or are we all pridefully self-entitled on the false structure of society and the false power of money. As humans, we have the right to defend, but to launch an attack is not justified. 

Moral: Be around the people who choose to freely sacrifice for your own good and who you can honestly do the same for. Money is not needed, only motivation. Let it all go, and relation will be the building blocks of survival. 














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