Care Magazine® Traveler's Guide

Imagine arriving at your destination having to buy supplies in foreign currency and being unsure of the quality of gear/material you're getting for the price you pay. 

 When you don't know the land, language, customs, and traditions, be prepared for the unexpected. Having a preparation list at hand before making a voyage is highly recommended.

Which way is next?

For trips short or long, guarding an idea of what's next on the travel "To do list " is imperative.

Try to keep an agenda or planner of your activities/objectives.


Having the worst fear realized, is being in a foreign land with no pull. Have your finances in order! Keep an emergency reserve of bills, coins, or even livestock, depending in what country you find yourself. The ability to trade is not limited to cash. In any case, find out what forms of trade can be used to barter and exchange. 

Think Eco

Travel economically and efficiently. Carrying around a body full of luggage is not fun, nor effective in maximizing your experiences in new places. 

- Prioritize your belongings by necessity. Your person is #1

- Pack light, and smart. Having a reserve of clean underwear and socks is generally recommended. 

- Consolidating is a skill that will come in handy when it comes to boarding aircrafts and trains, as well as in a hired vehicle service.

Frozen Landscape

Safety is #1 on this list. Keeping yourself whole and returning home in one piece is the goal.

Be informed about potential threats while abroad. 
Remember to undergo the necessary medical checkups and vaccinations before embarking on your trip.



The world consists of many different people from many different origins.

When abroad, familiarize the cultures of others, and be open minded to experience something unique and native to the land you are in.

"Try to understand others, then to be understood."


Document your travels. These memories are for you! 

Store your important photos and documents in more than one place— such as on a smart card or if possible, upload to the cloud.

Your parents, siblings, and friends will appreciate it.