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Healthy Teeth:

Better Off With, or Without?

The answer is simple: better off with. 

Why is it important to maintain a healthy set of teeth? Well, healthy teeth offer a multitude of uses. First off, healthy teeth make it possible to break down food so that it may be comfortably consumed. Secondly, teeth protect the gums from infection and other microscopic foreign materials that unknowingly enter in the mouth. Being important tools for shaping words and sounds in all languages, healthy teeth permit the ability to enunciate words clearly and concisely which is commonly overlooked in simple communication. Finally, teeth are important components of your jaw, which is part of the base structure of your face. And, your teeth show the world your smile. 

Keeping teeth healthy requires daily work, and professionals recommend brushing and flossing at least twice a day (morning and night). If you do not take care of your teeth, issues such as plaque buildup, tartar, gum disease, and even cavities may be present. Common, less-fun procedures that result in dealing with these issues are fillings, root canals, reshaping, and even tooth extraction, which all are very painful and require a dosage of medicine or numbing agent— all unnatural processes. 


It is important to feel comfortable with your teeth and your smile, but in
order to have a nice smile; you need to have quality teeth. This starts with
doing the necessary work in order to prevent disease, and promote a healthy oral environment.


Simple recommendations for maintaining healthy teeth:


  • Brush at all angles in small circular motions for minimum of two minutes (30 seconds in each quarter of the mouth).

  • Floss in between each tooth on either side making sure to go deep enough,but not too deep where blood is drawn. 

  • Use extra appliances such as a gum massager to promote healthy gums that hold your teeth in place.

  • Brush the tongue to prevent germ buildup. 

  • Visit the dentist regularly to undergo checkups and track the health of each tooth.

  • Communicate your availability and put in place a routine schedule with your dentist (2-4 times per year) and have them send you reminders when appointments are near.  

Healthy teeth are the foundation of a healthy oral environment. Once we lose our first set of "baby" teeth, we are stuck with one set of teeth for life.

Take care of your teeth, so they can take care of you!














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