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The Value of Money:
Paper With Power

How does money shape us as a person, including our mentality?

Money has a "value", but just how "valuable" is it?

How is new money created?
What is its relation to people's financial, emotional and moral "health"?


Money is the driving force of society. It shapes the majority of the populations’ days, weeks, months, and years. The norm of society is sleep, commute to work, work, commute back, and sleep again. When the majority of a person’s day is occupied by work related activities, this creates a dilemma of "living to work" versus "working to live." 

A problem is found in the creation of new money. New money is created not by people working more, but by new debt created. How is new debt created? By obtaining loans and spending the "money credit," placing it into circulation. "Money" can only be properly circulated if it is accounted for.


As a society, in order for new money to be created, we have to borrow and spend money that we do not have. This is a system of debt that has to be maintained in accordance with population supply and demand. Unfortunately, the mismanagement of debt is very common issue, often leaving a negative impact on people's mental and physical health as well as their families alike.  

In present society, money is by all means necessary to live. Without money, it would be difficult for people to purchase the necessities such as food, water, clothing and shelter. However, having more money than needed to live, gives people a feeling of power and security.  

More powerful than money, is remembering to be human first, with the objective of earning money to live. Maintaining human qualities and keeping human relations at the forefront, is what will unite us even closer as a society. When money is the focal point of a person’s life, the issue at hand is the desensitisation of human qualities. For example, in bigger cities it is quite common for someone on their way to work to bypass a person in need. What does this say about society and the subject of money as a whole? Is money is more valuable than human life?

Earning money while maintaining our most humanistic qualities should be balanced and in order. In theory, we have a system that can work perfectly only if all parts of the system are also functioning properly. 














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