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Recovery and Regeneration


What's important in regards to recovery and regeneration of the human mind, body, and spirit?

Seeking Balance because of Burnout.


In almost any activity or occupation, burnout, or doing too much of one thing for too long, without time to recover and regenerate is a genuine threat to mental, and physical well-being. The world turns at an adequate pace, 24 hours a day, every single day. Routinely, we feel the need to complete tasks at faster, and more intense rate. Humans have a competitive nature, and this competition is conditioned across all levels of society. 

Several expressions and idioms depict the essence of balance. For example, 

"Engage, but not over engage"

"Do what we love, but more importantly, love what we do" 

"When there is give, there is take."

"Where there is light, there is dark."

"Where there is push, there is pull."

"Where there is hot, there is cold. "

All of these describe the essence and significance of balance. 

In society we are tasked, and task ourselves with 'missions', sometimes multi-layered 'missions'. Whether it is work, extra-curricular activities, between family and friends, or other projects, we set objectives to be completed. Oftentimes, completing these objectives become extremely zoom-focused which can be invasive to our mental clarity and balanced state of mind.

The goal of this article is to encourage the implementation of a consistent recovery and regeneration plan when the inner human circuits feel as if they are overheating. Decompressing in a "healthy" manner is vital to the prolongation and equipoise of our personal well-beings.


To illustrate, if work requires sitting in office chairs all day, typing, and staring at a screen,  it is important to go outside every hour, stand and absorb sunlight for 10-15 minutes. Stretch the wrists, fingers, legs, and rest the eyes and decompress. Where there is work, there must also be rest. 

natural pressure we can 'feel' in this world is atmospheric, or that of gravity. Even then with the force of gravity, extreme exposure or prolongation in isolated positions causes physiological problems. In correspondence with the "Archimedes Principle", and with buoyancy being the opposite force of gravity, these natural laws are there for us to benefit from. If the force of gravity is weighing heavy and becomes overwhelming, try finding a clean natural water source where it is possible to extend and float horizontally for 10 to 15 minutes, thus allowing the spine, joints, ligaments, and tendons to decompress in an ultimately relaxed state. Floating horizontally doesn't come naturally to all, it takes practice to find the balance point. Remember to only do this if swimming is a well-developed skill and don't have any health issues that leads to sudden losses of consciousness. At the meeting point of these two opposing forces, gravity and buoyancy, the meniscus of water, this is where pure relaxation can be achieved.

If you are a sportsman, or sportswomen, recovery and regeneration is the basis of preparation and progression. Without a body, or battery, that is fully charged with the right foods and liquids, it is impossible to give maximum output. Then comes bodily maintenance, stretching, icing, massage, and rest are necessary to maintain a proper biologic vehicle. Not once, or twice a week, but for a short time, every single day. 

Regardless of any job where competition is a focal point, even as politicians, it is important to balance the mental stress and mental beatings of the ongoing chess matches. Humans at the core have a demand to recover and regenerate, and if we are not aware of the warning signs, ongoing mental stress can lead to physical issues. Competition is healthy in limited amounts, as it can bring out the best, but over-competing can create an imbalance in the human being. "Good" and "Bad" can easily be mistaken for one another, and either can be justified in the sake of competition or 'extreme' idealism. 

Recovery and Regeneration methods forge a balance against the extreme natural, and unnatural forces of this world. 














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