Follow Your Feet:

The Stepping Stones

Health & Wellness: 

Feet are the means which many people depend on for primary movement. We often overlook the need for frequent foot care. What's the big deal?

he Means to Communicate

Educational Care, Mental Health, Travel Care

 Whether it is verbal, or nonverbal, without language, the world would not operate so smoothly. How important is it? Is there benefit to being multi-lingual?


Animal Care, Health & Wellness

Toxoplasmosis: a Parasitic infection that can remain dormant for years. Commonly overlooked stemming from foods commonly undercooked.

If You Live Alone...

Health & Wellness, Mental Care

If living alone, some important reminders that could save your life.

Automobiles: Buy, Lease, or Sell?
A Caring Perspective

Economic & Environmental Care

Most automobiles are depreciating assets. How can we combine economic and environmental approaches to vehicular management?

No Adults Left Behind

Education & Career

To all adults... old dogs can learn new tricks. Don't settle for mediocrity on the search for satisfaction. Statistical arguments.

Recovery and Regeneration

Health & Wellness: 

Simple routines that can have serious outcomes if neglected. Take note.

Meal Prepping Principles

Health & Wellness: 

The Benefits and Convenience of Having Prepared and Healthy Meals Available.

Community Submission:
Austin Evans

Pathogen Prevention

Health & Wellness, 
Idependant Care

Pathogens are abundant. Discover and uncover the types, statistics, and appropriate preventative measures.

Golden Horizon

Educational, Financial, Economic, Environmental Care

Reinvesting time and energy in the golden potential.
Origins, autonomy, and asset diversification.

Leading Causes of 
Death Worldwide: Over the Years

World Health & Awareness

What are the worldwide leaders in 'Premature' Death over the last years? Starvation? Murder? Drug Use? Sickness?
A statistical analysis.

Vitamin Deficiencies and Sleep Apnea

Health & Wellness, Mental Health:

Sleep apnea and surrounding information. Fact or fiction

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Reason, Rhythm, Rhyme:

Importance of Exercise

Health & Wellness, Mental Health:

Exercise, Exercise, Exercise! 

Motion is lotion..for the joints!

Why fitness is important.

Find a balanced exercise regime to fit your lifestyle.

How Do You Learn Best?

General Methods for Unique Individuals

Educational Care:

Which style(s) resonate with you or your family?

How to efficiently and effectively maximize your time spent learning.

For students and teachers.

Finding the Balance In Life:

Technology and Simplicity

Health & Wellness: 

As technology advances, so does the frequency of Mental Health related illnesses.

What is the connection?

Is Technology too plenty?

Autoimmune Diseases:

The Basics

Health & Wellness:

What are autoimmune diseases?

What's the cause and how do they impact humans?